Cat Accommodation

We have a range of different accommodation options designed to meet the individual needs of each of our guests.

Short term or long term stays

All of our units are cleaned every day to ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained to eliminate any potential health problems and to create a more comfortable environment for the cats. We ask that all cats are fully vaccinated and wormed before they visit us so please make sure you bring you vaccination certificate with you.

All our units are furnished with comfortable beds and cosy, fleece blankets. We also provide scratch posts and toys in all units to keep your cats entertained.

Individual units

We have a range of individual units that can house 1 to 5 cats from the same family. These individual units work well for shy cats or specific breeds such as Siamese or Burmese, who tend to like their own space


These units are popular and need to be booked early over holiday periods. 

Heating pads are available during the cooler months

Communal Units

These units provide shared accommodation centred around an open area for the socially confident. More timid cats are able to snuggle in side rooms until they feel up to joining the play. There are four communal units: 


  • The Hilton is our largest unit and is designed for cats from 2 to 12 years of age.

  • The Raffles unit is for the more mature cat looking for a little peace and quiet in a sunny spot.

  • Club Med offers to young a great opportunity to meet new friends and partake in the complimentary activities such as catnip mouse hunting and the climbing frame.

  • The Disney Suite is for the very young and is designed for play, play and the occasional nap.


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